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Welcome on PwE

Here are the many advantages of playing on PWE:

  - EXCULSIVE TO PwE - Cross server Nation Wars
  Battle with other PW servers!!!
  - FREE Cubi every hour when you play or stay connected.
  - Full New Horizons patch!!!
  - Reawakening System
  - War Avatar System
  - New Zones: Primal World
  - History Advancement System
  - New starting zone: Place of Origination
  - New skills
  - PvE/PvP server XP/SP x2 Gold/Drop x3
  - Regular updates
  - No Lag
  - No Bugs
  - Events every day
  - Player run Helpdesk and Friendly GM's


PWE is the first server especially dedicated to its community and will help you to easily integrate into the rich universe and gameplay of this stunning MMORPG no matter where you've come from.


You can participate in the special and dynamic events that are organised and run by our own GM team both in game and on the forums. These can range from massive server wide events to small quests and mini games, designed to enhance your experience.


The PvP (player versus player) has not been forgotten either with dedicated zones and Weekly Territory War events which allow you to seize control of map from rival guilds and to build your empire. There are also Inter-guild tournaments which can yield special gifts and fantastic prizes!


PWE is of course Free to download and Free to play with an item mall provided in game where you can purchase many helpful items if required. You will also be able to enjoy unique wares (Scrolls, weapons, mounts, and so much more) specific to the "private servers" such as PWE that you will not find in the official version.


All XP, items and gold are doubled with our permanent X2 rates which means you will level twice as fast as the official version.


Finally, to give to the players the best gaming experience we use one of the best servers with high end technology on the market open 24/7 with the same updates and stability as the official server and nearly all bugs have been fixed.


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Top Rank
Hemera (PvP/PvE)
Rank Player Level
1 FranKo 110
2 Sonja 110
3 Trespasser 110
4 Hellsik 110
5 Varda 110
6 Sassy_girl_ 110
7 FeaR 110
8 Yoake 109
9 SpionKop 107
10 13 106


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